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Feb 06

I will no longer be updating the chronicles here on J5; I've moved over to

All projects will continue to be housed here for a while. Otherwise nothing has changed. :-)

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The new year has been a blur

Jan 31

I've been sort of on a dead sprint since the start of the new year. I suppose it's fitting given that I was on a dead sprint at the end of 2007, that the start of 2008 would be really just a continuation. I tried to stay away from the resolutions and just continue on, and I think I sort of missed the fun of the new year spirit.

Some things that have been going on include:

  • Monica and I are buying a house. Yes, really. I won't go into details yet, but it's already in motion.
  • Gareth and I covered the 2008 PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, Florida. Jim was sick and couldn't make the trip, and by the end Gar and I were wore out, but it was a great show. Full coverage over at
  • Monica and I our starting a company to showcase out photography. We've already started the process, and we hope to launch the new site near the end of February.
  • We picked up a Canon 40D. Great camera, poor LCD image preview (uses small embedded JPEG which is useless for judging sue me, sometimes I like to make sure I got that shot :-). Fix it Canon, seriously.

There have been other highlights, I just can't speak to them at the moment. It's all very blurry. Either I'm going to fast, or I need glasses.

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Reporting at the PGA Merchandise Show

Dec 10

In case you didn't see the news over at the Blog, I'll be one of the reporters (and our photographer) covering the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida in January. We received our media credential approvals last week, and are gearing up to provide the best coverage possible. It's an exciting time as it's an invitation only event for PGA members. We're going to be doing some heavy coverage of the event with all the new golf gear, so expect to see our stuff not only on the site, but on the wire.

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Bloomsday Rising CD release party

Nov 07

My buddy Fernando and his band Bloomsday Rising are releasing their debut CD Rattling the Windows on Novemeber 17th in style. They'll be playing at the Rock It Room in San Francisco, are filming a music documentary at the same time, and it's going to be a rocking good time. The album will also be available on iTunes. From their blog:

So here's the deal: We are shooting a music documentary right now, so the gig will be a video event. If there ever were a time to grab a bunch of friends, put on your most pimped out and/or sexy Saturday night outfit, and dance your party-loving asses off to some great music.....well, this would be that time.

Tickets are just $5 in advance and $7 at the door. The party begins at 8pm with drink specials.

I've liked their music for a while (I've seen them play quite a few times) and I still listen to the CD Fernando gave me in grad school. If you haven't hear of them, I hope to see you at the Rock It Room on November 17th!

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Stickman Ventures now using Google Apps Premier

Nov 02

Gareth, Jim, and I collaborate on a number of topics on any given day. Sometimes these conversations are based on current projects (, Quirley), sometimes it's creative stuff we plan on pursuing in the future, and other times it's consulting projects.

We had been running a number of different in house tools to manage this constant flow of data. Finally, we decided to take the leap to Google Apps Premier Edition. It offers some features we liked (Postini for instance), and the price was right. Setting up Google Apps on the domain was simple to say the least, and doesn't interfere with other in house systems we continue to run. The system has some hiccups, and it doesn't offer as many options currently as say Zoho, but the on domain services, products in the pipe (Jot for instance), and overall support seemed decent enough. Overall, it a total of two hours to get to a nice working state; keep in mind I customized quite a bit of it.

So far, so good. Creative collaboration never seemed easier.

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