Justin Ribeiro

Phone (209) 602-1140

E-mail ribeiro@J5studios.com


Height:      6'

Weight:      175 lbs.

Eye Color:      Brown

Hair Color:      Black



Uncle Vanya, a play by Anton Checkov (David Mamet adaptation), as Ilya Ilyich Telegin.

Directed by William Dore.

Margaret's Bed, a play by William Inge, as Ben Masters.

Directed by Alisa Murray.

Grease, a musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, as Danny Zuko.

Directed by Kendal Graham.

A Mid Summer Nights Dream, a play by William Shakespeare, as Lysander.

Directed by Kendal Graham.


The Daily News, as Joe (lead).  Filming March 2004.

Directed by John Ortman.

In the Middle, as Dan (lead).  Filming August 2004.

Director to be announced.

The Pickup, as Club Guy #1 (featured).

Directed by David Miller.

Law and Order: Special Tree Unit (Christmas satire), as Detective Johnson (lead).

Directed by James Duvall.


Illusions (pilot), as Jason (lead).

Created by James Duvall, Josh Blagg and Justin Ribeiro.

Your Media Coverage, created by James Duvall, Josh Blagg and Justin Ribeiro.

Currently in development.


Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, Seattle University 06/2002

Acting class, Scene Working (Stanislavski method), 200 Level.

Acting class, Auditioning, 300 Level.

Public Speaking class, 200 Level.


Comic Timing and Slapstick

Athletic (Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Tennis, Horseback riding)

Juggle (three items)

Play the mandolin (as learned for the play Uncle Vanya)