The definition of a chronicle, as defined by Merriam-Webster is:

a usually continuous historical account of events arranged in order of time without analysis or interpretation

My chronicles aren't exactly without analysis, but they are listing of events, happenings and sometimes just plain ramblings. The latest five events are listed on the home page, and the archives are presented below.

The rush to a year's end
Finals Completed...on to holiday fun!
In the midst of finals...
The Holiday Season
Turkey time is family time
The Firefox extensions I use daily
Pitching my buddy's new site
Truth in words, or words of truth?
Instances of being caught
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Jon Stewart's Wit and Integrity
Can't see the forest through the trees
Being ignored....and paying dollars for it
Answering Quickly
Justin's Top 5 Film List
Strong Week
Thunder and Lightning
New Project Online - Excel Macro's for MBA's
Rough Roads
Not a sprint, but a marathon
Strange August coming to a close
General Musings
Another successful wedding
Today: Love, Dancing and Wedding Cake
Kem Cards: top quality
Confirmed: Contract for Flat finalized
Apartments, Flats, and Houses oh my!
Not needed
Weather POC released
Ohhh, new look....
Move to California Successful
Dean's Research Fellowship
Abby and Tom Wedding Photographs
New Photography Galleries Online
Moving Date Set
The winds of change
nigritude ultramarine - screw SEO's
Farewell Friends
Updated Resume and other news
Weather Mapping and Homeward Bound
Reaching the limits
Clay Poker Chips and mod_rewrite
When the web host is good
August Weddings and Photography
Rewrites and Oversights
New News Format
Official: Attending University of San Francisco MBA Program
More Code Updates
Fixes and Updates
I'll see you in Stuckeyville
Don't Take Ed!
New Escputil GTK Perl FrontEnd