About Photography Galleries Software

The software that created these galleries is based on O.R.I.G.I.N.A.L. v0.6. I've rewritten most of the software for my own needs, and in the process created my own branch of the excellent software written by Jimmac. I've encorporated Exifer 1.4 by Jake Olefsky for viewing shooting conditions of my photographs. I created a smiliar layout that looks somewhat like LinuxArt.com. I've also added a host of smaller features, including search engine friendly links and some optimization.

I have not made my branch of the software available for a couple reasons. One, my version requires some custom PHP settings which typically are not available on many servers. Two, while I rewrote the software in an OOP model, I haven't commented many of the classes or functions, which would make it somewhat difficult to use. I am working on resolving both of these issues so that I can release my branch soon!