The projects I've partaken span a great deal of both time and subject matter. What you do with the information from these projects is out of my hands, but give credit where credit is due.


All the business related material is related from my undergraduate studies at Seattle University, and can be found in my portfolio. These include Harvard Business case analysis, some business plan related materials, and marketing documents.

Currently, I am not posting my University of San Francisco graduate studies papers.


Camera Sync for USB Mass Storage Cameras - This software makes the viewing/copying/deleting of images on a USB mass storage camera an automated process through the use of Gtk Perl.

Escputil GTK Perl FrontEnd - This software is a front end to Robert Krawitz's superb program escputil, which is part of the gimp-print project. You'll need escputil to use this program, because this script is only a simple Gtk Perl frontend to escputil.

O.R.I.G.I.N.A.L GTK-Perl Frontend - GTK Perl GUI I did for O.R.I.G.I.N.A.L. web gallery, mostly because I was bored one day.

Excel Macro's for MBA's - Several Excel macro's for dealing with special formatting issues, and data analysis. Mostly hacky methods I created for my MBA 612 class, these macro's get the job done.

New Mail Count to Cell Phone - Little perl script that connects to your IMAP server, and sends number of new mail messages to your cell phone. To be used via a cron job.

Today's Weather - the XML / CSS way - Little program to use XML weather feeds and place information on a map using PHP and CSS.

Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall / Weblet - Redesign of Charles Steinkuehler weblet package. Not currently maintained.


Building a 35mm depth of field adapter for a digital video camera - Just when you thought it couldn't be done any more hacky, we did it..

Hacking a cell phone battery to fit an MP3 player - Making a LG cell phone battery work with a Creative Nomad Jukebox 2 MP3 player.

Epson PhotoPC 3100Z and Linux - Details getting an Epson PhotoPC 3100Z working with Linux.

Palm m515 on Red Hat 7.2 with usbserial.o - Details getting a Palm m515 working using USB serial on an now ancient Red Hat 7.2 (which I'm still running on some boxes).

Palm III to m5xx bridge - Wiring diagram for how to create a bridge for older Palm peripherals.


Installing a tachometer in a 1998 Toyota Tacoma Pickup - Need to see those RPM's? Let's install a tach in Josh's truck.


Car Mileage Charting - My personal car mileage results, which is updated on every fillup.

Sites of Interest - My personal site list, or sites I've created or had some influence on.