LEAF - Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall

It's been almost two years since I last created my replacement weblet design. Looking back over it, and the firewall I've had running for the last two years (at one point, my uptime had reached 500 days before a power outage) I decided it was time for a little update to the design.

The design I used was one a I came up with about a week ago. A decent XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant web page, it's not fancy, but it's pretty quick. So I made it my new weblet replacement. I attmepted to get all the other pages in compliance as well, but I can't make any promises.

On top of that, I love the functionality the Mozilla sidebar brings, so I added a Mozilla sidebar status for the firewall, complete with little button (which I hacked from Gnome Footnotes website). It will auto-refresh, and I built it according to the documentation at Netscape's Dev center.


Please be patient, they're a little large (35-55k)


  • XHTML 1.0 Strict / CSS Compliance
  • Mozilla Sidebar (refreshes automatically ever 1200 seconds or so...)


Typically, I would post the files, and then you can copy them to your firewall via your choice. But, since I added quite a few small files (css, js, and png) along with changing the rest of the pages over, I'm just putting my weblet.lrp file up.

Also, a few notes you should read before downloading....

  • To change the title and side links, edit index.html and /cgi-bin/weblet.functions, as well as the actual weblet config file in the lrcfg. Ae will do the job, and you won't risk pesky line breaks.
  • If your LEAF box is at an ip address that is not and you want to use the Mozilla sidebar, you'll have to change the meta link in mozilla.html (otherwise it won't refresh correctly) and /inc/js/sidebar.js to your IP address (can't add the sidebar tab if the ip address is wrong).
  • If you've got custom settings for your current Weblet, they're going to get overwritten with the defaults from this version
  • Standard disclaimer that if your box explodes, I'm not responsible.
  • If you're on Netscape 4.x, I'm sorry, but you'll probably want to stick with current version, because I'm pretty sure will not look pretty.

If all that makes sense, the download - weblet.lrp (may have to shift-click or right-click "Save Target As...")