Palm III to m5xx bridge

This page was inspired by the original hack in Japan. You can view pictures and more infomation (in Japanese) at

Since there was no wiring diagram on the site, I decided to look in the docs that were linked on the page (").

Now, I am no electronic expert, and I make no claim that this will actually work, but it looks like the pin layouts are similar with the addition of USB pins on the m50x. So this is what I came up with.

Wiring Diagram

For those who want text:

Palm III Pins ----> Palm m50x Pins
1 ----> 5
2 ----> 9
3 ----> 10
4 ----> 14
5 ----> 11
6 ----> 13
8 ----> 8
10 ----> 1 or 7

Some notes:

  1. I recommend you look at the serial specs on Palm's site before trying this; again, I'm no expert, and won't be held responsible if you burn up your m50x.
  2. Not all the Palm III pins are used, as noted on Asahi's site. (7 is for hotsync, and 9 is unused for future design by Palm)
  3. Not all the Palm m5xx pins are used. Some are for USB, and/or not currently in use.

I don't have a m5xx to test with, but if someone would like to send me one, I'd be more then happy to accept. :-)

Also, someone want to market this idea and create a bridge, lwet me know. Lets do business!

If someone finds that my idea is incorrect (I missed a pin, or assumed something wrong) please let me know. Again, no expert, but it seems logical to me.

Questions? Comments?