Camera Sync for USB Mass Storage Cameras

This program was written because my usb mass storage camera (Epson PhotoPC 3100Z) is currently not supported by GPhoto. It is not meant to replace GPhoto, but simply provide a simple interface to downloading images from usb mass storage cameras.

This software makes the viewing/copying/deleting of images on the camera an automated process through the use of Gtk Perl. By simply setting some of the variables at the top of the script, and creating a mount point for your camera (see this page for details), you should be able to use this script.


I used a couple of different resources in the creation of this script. Original 0.6 (, of which a piece of modfied code from that project can be found in the script. Also, a good resource for Gtk Perl information can be found at for those interested in learning.


  • Gtk Perl
  • File::Copy
  • Working Camera setup (USB Mass Storage driver, hotplug, fstab entry...see this page for details)

Tested with:

  • Epson PhotoPC 3100Z on Red Hat 7.2, kernel version 2.4.7-10 (Camera Details)
  • Epson PhotoPC 3100Z on Red Hat 9, kernel version 2.4.20-18.9 (Camera Details)
  • Fuji FinPix 2400Z on RedHat 9, kernel version 2.4.20-9 (Many thanks to Chris Rosolowski!)
  • Tested it with a camera that works? Send me a note, and I'll add it to this page!



Feel free to make changes and additions; I'm open to suggestions and fixes. Released under the GPL License. Use at your own risk!

Download - (Shift-Click to download, or copy and paste to a new file)


1. Install the script either in your nautilus-script folder, or put it somewhere where you won't lose it.

2. Edit the variables at the top of the script. You must set these to you specific setup! (Unless everyone who uses it, uses an Epson PhotoPC 3100Z :-)

3. Make it executable by running chmod +x

4. That should do it. You should be able to run it now.


Thank you to all the very fine open source efforts and companies supporting some of those efforts.

Justin Ribeiro>